Solar energy

in Minas Gerais

Learn more about the growth of the solar energy industry in Minas Gerais.

CLEAN SOURCE AND State support

Minas Gerais is one of the best places for the generation of solar energy with levels of sunshine equivalent to the best regions on the planet and a vast connection for drainage.

Minas is inserted in the Southeast / Midwest submarket, with the presence of companies that demand a high energy load, such as the extractive, automotive, steel, petrochemical, oil, livestock, agricultural sector, among others, making the enormous energy productivity ecosystem revolve, triggering large investments, high income and more jobs. All of these factors contribute in a relevant, healthy and sustainable way to the socioeconomic scenario of the State and its entire population. In addition to physical and territorial factors, Minas Gerais still has a friendly and hard-working people.

With all these assumptions and with the current support of the State, we understand that photovoltaic solar energy is a strong engine for economic, social and environmental development, attracting investments and contributing to the diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix.